Richards' Canoe Rental on Missouri's Eleven Point River

Greer Spring - the second largest spring in Missouri with a daily flow of over 220 million gallons. Greer spring is the major source of flow for the Eleven Point River below SH 19, and is an awesomely scenic visitor destination.

When Captain Samuel W. Greer returned home from the Civil War to Oregon County he found that Bushwhackers had burned the grist mill at Greer Spring. He rebuilt it and begam milling operations immediately. Around 1870, he built a sam at the spring, installed a turbine water wheel and built a 3-story mill house that extended over part of the spring branch. Here, he installed machinery to grind corn, saw timber and lumber, gin cotton and card wool.

It was necessary to convey logs and grain down a rough, steep hill and back up again as finished products.Ox-drawn carts and wagons were used for this purpose. Much attention was attracted to a team of oxen trained to make these trips without a driver.

In 1899, Greer completed a new mill on top of the hill and brought power up from the spring through an ingenious system of cables and wheels, after which time his team of trained oxen was no longer needed. The old and present sites of Greer Mill are on private land near the Eleven Point River.

Turner's Mill - site of the former community of Surprise, named because of J.L.C. Turner's astonishment when his petition for a US Post Office was approved. The 26-foot sttel overshot wheel was hauled to the site in sections by oxen in about 1915. A mill operated by G.W. Decker, and later by Turner, used the waters of Turners Spring to grind grain as early as 1850. The giant wheel could operate a planer, drill press, wood saws and equipment for grinding grains. When Mr. Turner dies the community of Surprise died shortly thereafter. The mill building and wooden flume are now gone, but the wheel, concrete flume by the spring outlet and the chimney of Turner's house still stand. Turner's Mill is a visitor attraction along the Eleven Point River.

Boze Mill - The spring flow at Boze Mill averages about 12 million gallons per day. Levi Boze used the spring waters to power his grist mill in the 1880's. The old turbine aappears to be of a type made by James Leffel and Company in Springfield, Ohio. Leffel patented his "American Double Turbine" in 1862.

Simpson Mill - One of the first mills on the Eleven Point River was built by Peter R. Simpson below the mouth of Little Hurricane Creek. The mill was used both for grinding grain and sawing timber. It served as a community gathering place, and was also used by the Confederate Army as a recruiting station.

Greer Crossing - Long before the SH 19 bridge crossed the Eleven Point River just below the Town of Greer wagons crossed at Bellow's Ford. The crossing area was also the site of an old sorghum mill, where molasses was made from the ssorghum cane grown in the area.

Grand Gulf State Park - Located just off Route 3 at Thayer, on the Missouri-Arkansas State Line, is the very scenic Grand Gulf State Park, a visitor attraction of immense natural beauty and wonder. The park offers hiking, picnicking and spectacular vistas with information kiosks telling how the park was formed.

Falling Springs - located on Hurricane Creek just off SJ 19 and near the Eleven Point River is the old and historic Falling Spring with its wooden grist mill. The site is maintained for visitors by the US Forest Service and is accessible via a wooden foot bridge.

Mammoth Spring State Park (AR) - Located in Fulton County, Arkansas about 500 feet south of the Missouri-Arkansas State Line is Mammoth Spring, gushing forth about 234 million gallons of water per day, about 90% of which comes from Missouri. The park feeds the Spring River, and offers picnicking and other recreational activities, but overnight camping is not allowed.

The Irish Wilderness - Situated along the Eleven Point River is the area known as The Irish Wilderness, so nmaed because an entire Irish settlement disappeared during the Civil War. It is an area rich in plants, wildlife, remarkable scenery and peaceful solitude.

Blue Spring - A gorgeous spring of blue water located near Alton, which serves as a day-use area and floaters' camp owned and operated by the US Forest Service. It is one of four springs within one square mile that pump out ove 100 million gallons of water per day.

Mary Decker Shoal - Today, floaters hear the roar of mary Decker Shoal, where whitewater rushes over and around the only remnants of a dam - dolomites and boulders. Trimmed logs were once floated downstream during the lumber boom, which hit the Eleven Point River country between 1890 and 1910. Logs were taken from the river above the dam by the Ozark Land and Lumber Company, which then hauled them to Winona on log trains.

Rocky Falls Shut-In - About 9 miles southeast of Eminence Rocky Creek cascades down a field of volcanic, igneous rock in a spectacular drop known as Rocky Falls. The cold, clear water pools at the bottom to form a little-known swimming hole for those who can brave its temperatures for a refreshing dip in the Mark Twain National Forest of Shannon County.

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